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dried fruit frutas deshidratadas

A wide range of dehydrated fruit to fill your drinks

gamma de frutas deshidratadas


Longer shelf life:
Our dehydrated fruit has a shelf life of 18 months. Once the container is opened, its conservation will depend on the environmental conditions. If stored in a cool, dry place, it can be kept for months.
Forget about seasonality:
You can have seasonal fruits at any time of the year thanks to our stock forecasts.
Reduces infusion time by intensifying flavors:
Dried fruit does not contain water therefore all the aroma is found as a concentrate, thus offering an explosion of pure flavor. Fresh fruit, on the other hand, releases water into the drink liquid, watering down all the flavor.
Use it to infuse and/or decorate drinks, macerate spirits, make desserts, distill…
Avoid losses and waste:
Forget about fruit spoiling and daily organic waste.
Efficiency and practicality:
It allows you to optimize your work, making your task easier and saving you time.

Get beautiful, elegant and original results.


Dried fruit offers you versatility and many garnish options to take your creativity to the next level.



Botanic & Fruits has years of experience and is one of the pioneering companies in expanding the use of dehydrated fruit in cocktails.

Their technique is unique and his results are excellent. Therefore, I know that I have a quality product in my hands with them and that they will always prioritize a good service.

-Manel Vehí-

Monodose combinations for gin & tonic

Aromatic combinations of dehydrated fruits and botanicals to aromatize your gin and tonic drinks.

Multidose jars for Horeca

Jars between 40g-70g designed to provide practicality and preserve the fruit for a long time.

Bulk format

Bulk bags available in 200g, 500g, 1kg or 4kg. Suitable for high consumption establishments, industry and repacking. Contact us for more info.


Small packs with various dehydrated fruit aimed at retail.


Contact us to know more about prices and formats.

Discover, create and surprise

We leave you with some ideas.

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