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about us

Dehydrated fruit sellers

At Botanic & Fruits we are producers of dehydrated fruit and vegetables. We develop and commercialize products with our brand and we produce for other companies. Most of our activity is the export of dehydrated fruits to European countries for its use in the world of restoration but also in the industry and manufacture of other products.
At Botanic & Fruits we work to offer a quality and distinguished product.

“Our philosophy is based on quality and commitment. We want our product to stand out for its flavour, aroma and appearance.”



Botanic & Fruits was born in 2008 with the simple idea of creating small single-dose packs with combinations of dehydrated fruits and botanicals to flavor gin and tonics. A very novel idea at that time that took several previous years of research and tests without any references.
They were difficult beginnings. People in Spain were not used to using dehydrated fruit in their glasses and its introduction to the market was complicated.


According to the demands of the clients, we introduced a larger format for the Horeca sector and, with them, we achieved a place in European market, where the use of dehydrated fruit in cocktails began to emerge.


Little by little we were expanding the range of products and the market. In 2017 we had the need to move to larger facilities. New ovens and new machines that allowed us more production and productivity.
We began to produce, not only for our products, but also for other companies in various sectors.


Today, we are a pioneer and benchmark company in the sector with several new projects underway and with a much broader concept.
After years of work, dehydrated fruit is already a trend in the cocktail world. Its advantages are recognized everywhere and Botanic & Fruits continues working to offer a quality product that predicts a long and great future.




  • Our commitment to the health of people and the environment is a task that occupies us and worries us more every day.
    We believe that the ecological seal is essential, not only for the production of a line of products that covers this market sector, but also as an added value to our products in general.


  • Preserving dried fruit is not easy. This requires very specific environments in terms of humidity and temperature. Otherwise, its appearance, texture and flavor quickly deteriorate. That is why achieving sustainable packaging is a challenge. There are no compostable materials that can guarantee good protection, so we opt for recyclable and/or reusable materials.
    At Botanic & Fruits we are very clear about the guidelines to follow in this regard and all decisions are made considering the best options for the planet.

recYCLE, reuSE AND reducE

  • The three R’s that guide our modus operandi: properly recycle all types of waste we generate; reuse cardboard, paper and other materials that arrive at our warehouse; reduce energy, water consumption, waste…
    There is no other way to understand our production without these three concepts and our plans for the future are based on them.


  • We always prioritize local products: we have the great advantage that our land is fertile and produces a wide variety of fruits. At Botanic & Fruits we take advantage of seasonality to get the most out of each crop based on consumption predictions. This is how we ensure that most of the raw material used comes from our neighboring fields.

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